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The Internet is a powerful platform. All the information you need is there. Yet, on many sites it can be hard to use that information. I believe that this should be more simple. I want to make it simple to use the information on the Internet.

I make it simple by creating smart solutions. Web-based solutions that make it simple to use your information. When, where and how you need it.

Web apps and sites

Speed skating watch

Using a MYLAPS transponder, you can view your lap times on their web site, but that is only afterwards. With this app, you can view the lap times on a Garmin sports watch, almost immediately after you finished each lap.

Smarter Sudoku

Solving a Sudoku on the web can take the administrative drudgery out of the process (no need for pencil and eraser), so you can focus on the puzzle. Visual tools make it even more fun. When the new version launched in June 2015,  it was the first web-based Sudoku that also works well on smartphone and tablet. More than 3400 visits daily.


With a few clicks, you can plan a route on the map, measure it, and share it with your running friends. Or search existing routes (currently 225,000 routes from 65,000 users), or running groups in your area. Also on your tablet or smartphone. More than 2000 visits daily.

Gmail to Evernote

You can forward a Gmail message to a special address to add it to your collection of notes in Evernote. Much faster: using the Gmail to Evernote script you simply drag a label to a message in Gmail, and it will be added to Evernote, in the notebook or with the tags that you want. Over 2300 people have this script running every day.

AV Sparta

The website of the track and field club AV Sparta has a smart system to record events (races). Events have to be entered once, will show up in the agenda, and once passed, it is easy to link results and photos to the event, so these are published automatically on all relevant places. Because of the simplicity, half a dozen people are adding to the website and keep it up-to-date. More than 300 visits daily.

ObjDB library

In Google Apps Script, one can use both spreadsheets and external databases (via JDBC, e.g. MySQL) as data sources. Google provides sample code to make it easier to work with data from spreadsheets. I have developed ObjDB, a library that makes it easy to work with data in a spreadsheet, adds the most common database functions, and can equally well be applied to external databases.

About me

I live and work The Hague, Netherlands. Since 1997, I have been working with all new developments in web development.

I am specialized in JavaScript (mainly React and NodeJS) and PHP applications, both with MongoDB and MySQL, in Google Apps and Maps, and in the eZ Publish CMS. On the  eZ Community Site you can read some of my blog posts.

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