Address unavailable: ?

Users of the Gmail to Evernote script may have received a “Summary of failures” message today reporting the following error:
Address unavailable: (line 180, file "Code")
The server, from which this file is read, has been down for a number of hours yesterday, so you got these error messages.

Why is the script reading this file, it is only supposed to forward messages from  your Gmail account to Evernote? It has to do with version information, to be able to inform you about new versions.

Version information

The current version is hard-coded in the script itself, and stored in the user properties. The latest version information is read daily from the file at By comparing the version information in different places, appropriate action can be taken.

The script can be run in two ways: you can just run the script as described in the original post, or copy the script and run your own. possibly because you want to adapt the script to your specific wishes.

Running the original script

If you run the original script, and a new version is available, the script is simply updated by me, you don’t have to take any action for that. Depending on the changes made, you may have to re-authorize the script.

If a new version is available, the version information stored in the user properties will be different from the version information read from the file. The script can then send you an email informing you about the changes. It will also update the version information in the user properties, so you will not receive information about this update again.

Running your own copy

If you run your own copy of the script, it will find out by comparing the version that is hard-coded in the script with the version from the file. If it is different, you will receive an email notification , so you can update your copy.

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