Disable the Caps Lock key

I use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, the Logitech MK260. What I like about it, is that, even though the keys are regular size, the keyboard itself is nice and small. What I found out only after buying, is that there are no LEDs to indicate that Caps Lock is on. Same for Num Lock, but I don’t accidentally press Num Lock that often. For Caps Lock it was an issue, until I realized, why need a Caps Lock anyway?

I usually don’t SHOUT, so I might as well do without the Caps Lock and have it function as an additional Shift key. That is exactly what the registry hack described in this article does: How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Windows 7 or Vista. And yes, it also works if you don’t bother to try and understand the technical details.

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1 thought on “Disable the Caps Lock key

  1. Mike Pacer

    Hi Harry,

    Another possibility is remapping the capslock key to control or ” ⌃ ” , which is pretty easy to do on a mac using Keyboard Settings, image to help others find it here: http://bit.ly/X4XuJT

    I find it exceptionally useful to help you stay on the home row most of the time (especially given the more generally awkward location of the ⌃ key on most keyboards).



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