Make life easier with SQL Views

In a complex database, with many tables, you often end up with long queries combining those tables. Rather than repeatedly writing out those queries, you can use SQL Views–turn those complex queries into a virtual table, and use that table instead. Requires hardly any storage space, always up-to-date, wish I had found this earlier.

In this blog post, I explain how SQL Views can be applied in the database structure of eZ Publish.Go to the post on

eZTagfeed: create an RSS feed using tags in eZ Publish

Of course, also in eZ Publish it has always been possible to create an RSS feed. These will include items based their location in the content hierarchy. I have developed this extension to create RSS feeds based on tags given to each page, which makes it possible to create RSS feeds with just those items that one is interested in. Similar to the categories feed in WordPress, e.g.

You can read more about this new extension on the eZ Publish project site at

Converting PDF to RTF

Most converters from PDF to Word/RTF don’t do a very good job. If the text in the PDF is flowing straight from top to bottom, no problem. But if the text is in tables, columns, most converters mess up, so the garbled result is useless for further editing. I found a converter now that does a decent job, both online and as a desktop application. Continue reading

Creating a CD-ROM from an eZ Publish web site

Targeting an audience with often poor Internet connections, IRC wants to provide information not only on the web site, but also on CD-ROMs. Using this tool, one can create a collection of documents on an eZ Publish site and easily create a CD-ROM from it, with a user-friendly interface, including a menu. Of course, distribution on DVD or USB stick is another option.

See the post on the eZ Share site on Creating a CD-ROM for all the details.