New version of Gmail to Evernote now in spreadsheet

A new version of the Gmail to Evernote script has been released. It is now embedded in a spreadsheet, so you have all the relevant information together and can easily view it. Moreover, you have your own copy of the script now: much more secure, but it is not to update automatically anymore. Therefore, current users are advised to install the latest version and use this instead of the old version. The old version may stop working in the course of the next week (end of April 2019).

Increasingly, there is an awareness that it is generally not a good idea to have an external app or script access your email, because of privacy and security reasons. When Google started to request a verification process, this was a good moment to adapt the script so everyone can have its own copy.

In itself, the Google verification process is a good thing, but the process is just awkward. I had explained the requested authorization scopes, apparently it was well understood, but yet they insisted on creating a video on YouTube for it. A video to explain a background process? So then I decided to rewrite the script and make it easier for you to work with your own copy. As you are the owner of the copied script, you can run it without the required Google verification process, and it is more secure, since only you can adapt the script.

Go to the new Gmail to Evernote pages to read how it works and how you can install your own copy.

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